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The Revolution of Beverages

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Turn Water Into
Fizzy Drinks


Fill a regular soda bottle with plain water


Add the QAP and twist it to set the flavour free


Turn the bottle upside down until all of the carbon dioxide is released


Take a sip of your favourite beverage


Soft Drink Lime- Lemon Fresh and Crisp Order
Soft Drink Cola The Classic Cola Order
Energy Drink Fruttitutti Energizing Order
Sparkling The Bubbly Classic Order

But why?


QAP takes only the
space of less than 10 % of a regular soda bottle – in both transportation and in use.


QAP saves over 50 % more water and space than regular soda bottles, which results also in tremendous CO2 reduction.


QAP fits to all regular
0,5 litre soda bottles.
This means less
plastic bottle waste and
easier life.


Enjoying tasty
beverages has never
been so fun!

The Story

It all began with a problem. Although the common carbonated soda makers had revolutionised the beverage industry by making soda production available for everyone, the machines took up quite a bit of space and accessories.

The solution is called QAP: Quick As Possible way of making carbonated soft drinks with only one little cap. QAP makes it possible to avoid wasting valuable drinking water in the soda production process. This delivers both immediate savings in logistics and remarkable CO2 reductions.

Our future vision

The QAP method is a game changer for the entire beverage industry. The ease of use, incredibly small product size, long shelf life and endless possibilities for new categories along with the efficiency factors makes QAP attractive to many parties.

QAP allows making and consuming carbonated beverages environmentally friendlier than ever before.

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